Maternity Sessions:

Maternity photos are generally taken anywhere between month 5 to month 9 of pregnancy. Month 6 of pregnancy is often ideal. It allows the mother to show off her pregnancy while feeling trim and energetic. Don’t forget – the father or siblings are always welcome to participate in our photoshoot.

Newborn Sessions:

Young babies can be photographed at any time but generally fall into 3 groups:  The first is a newborn category which is the first fourteen days. The newborn has a distinctive look and tends to curl up into a curvy call that we associate with new babies. The next key time is at 6 months. The baby is beginning to push up, roll over and their personality emerges. The third milestone is when the child is at its first birthday. Begining to pull up and stand, holding onto things. We can celebrate with their very own birthday party with cake and hats. We would recommend booking a session with us at any time to fit the child’s schedule.

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